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The Dangerous Summer Albums Ranked

The Dangerous Summer

  1. Mother Nature
  2. Reach for the Sun
  3. War Paint
AFI Albums Ranked


  1. Sing the Sorrow
  3. Black Sails in the Sunset
BTS Albums Ranked


  2. WAKE UP
  3. YOUTH
Sir Sly Albums Ranked

Sir Sly

  1. You Haunt Me
  2. Don’t You Worry, Honey
Red Hot Chili Peppers Albums Ranked

Red Hot Chili Peppers

  1. By the Way
  2. Blood Sugar Sex Magik
  3. Stadium Arcadium
Jimmy Eat World Albums Ranked

Jimmy Eat World

  1. Futures
  2. Bleed American
  3. Chase This Light
Linkin Park Albums Ranked

Linkin Park

  1. Hybrid Theory
  2. A Thousand Suns
  3. Minutes to Midnight
The Graduate Albums Ranked

The Graduate

  1. Only Every Time
  2. Anhedonia
Creeper Albums Ranked


  1. Sex, Death & The Infinite Void
  2. Eternity, in Your Arms
  3. Inipi - Live At The Booking Hall, Dover 20/08/2018
Lana Del Rey Albums Ranked

Lana Del Rey

  1. Norman Fucking Rockwell!
  2. Die for Me
  3. Born to Die
Killswitch Engage Albums Ranked

Killswitch Engage

  1. As Daylight Dies
  2. The End of Heartache
  3. Alive or Just Breathing
Yellowcard Albums Ranked


  1. Ocean Avenue: Acoustic
  2. Ocean Avenue
  3. Yellowcard

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